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Shopping process description

Step 1: Log in as a member If you have become a member of this site, please log in first.

Step 2: Pick the products you want There is "add to shopping cart" under the goods on the website. After clicking, it will become the goods you want to buy.

Step 3: Confirm your purchase Please reconfirm the name of the product you purchased and the quantity ordered.

If you want to change the order quantity of an item, please directly click the quantity drop-down menu after the item to modify.

If you want to cancel an item, please press the delete icon button next to the subtotal.

If you want to purchase other products, please click "Continue Shopping". If you want to delete all products, please click "Empty Shopping Cart".

If you have confirmed that it is correct and are in the process of checkout, please click "Checkout" in the shopping cart.

Step 4: Checkout

Select the payment method you want, confirm your basic information (your personal data and receiving address), and reconfirm the content and quantity of the non-commodity you purchased. After confirming the error, click to send the order.

Please press the send button once for disinfection, and connect to the webpage to execute successfully.

If you click multiple times, duplicate orders may be sent, causing export problems!

Step 5: The transaction is completed

Go to "Order Inquiry" in the member area to check your order details.