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Star Line Tellurium Copper RCA Plug connector

Dimension 8.5mm

Original Price $18.4

Member $18.4

Type Gold plated Silver plated Rhodium plated Tellurium non plated Pure Silver SC

Star Line Tellurium Copper RCA Plug connector

Pure Tellurium Copper(No plating)

Gold Plated

Rhodium plated


silver plated

Solid Core Postive Pin Verison (SC)

4N Pure Silver


・Mother Case material:POM(Not metal/non- inductance,non- magneitc)
・Specified for core insulation diameters up to 8.5mm
・Housing dimensions: 35.6mm overall length
・Total overall length: 45mm approx.


 We invest lot of time and budget of it for our new analog interconnect product. And now we also share it with our ebay seller at most most competitive price.
Features of this silver plated RCA connectors:

 Five-pointed Star shape socket locker design for tight RCA socket connection. 

 This socket locker was made by extremely durable glass fiber Nylon.
 Nickel free silver plating for longest durability and warm sound. 

Central conductor pin made by tellurium copper.