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APPJ HD800 hi-fi headphone adapter

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HD800 hi-end headphone APPJ hi-end Headphone Device



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This matching is widely used, can be used in 6F3 EL84 6V6 6P3 EL34 KT66 KT88 2A3 300B or the equivalent power of the single ended, combined into a headphone amplifier, strong drive ability good special effects, can drive HD800 and other high-end headphones.


Technical Specifications:
Input: 4.0mm Banana Jacks
Output:High;in;low-impedanceheadphones,3.5mmand6.35mmstereo headphones,support:8ohms-600ohms all headsets
Processing power of8W +8 W
Support: 6F3 EL84 6V6 6P3 EL34 KT66 KT88 2A3 300BGewith the same power single-ended tube amp