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TROMBA Devil’s Compass XLR balanced cable composite pure silver

Original Price $680

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Type 1.5M


TROMBA Devil's Compass Silver composite cable 1.5 meter/pair 


Silver composite cable 
Material: sterling silver wire center conductor, covered by a single-crystal copper 
Connector: TROMBA 100% non-magnetic gold RCA connectors no sense 
Length: 1.5 m 
Wire :: 8mm

 Pure  Silver + single crystal OFC

PCOCC mash with Pure Silver

Tromba wire are manufactured in Taiwan, but within the conductor portion of imports from Japan, they are ordered to Japan's Furukawa PCOCC, then in Taiwan for further processing. PCOCC generally oxygen-free copper and copper single crystal is not the same, just the general removal of oxygen-free copper oxide impurities, not re-crystallized, if a microscope view, a gap exists between the copper crystals, and these gaps affect the signal transmission, but also will affect the sound performance. Japan Furukawa use a patented "Ohno continuous casting method," the so-called single-crystal copper production, which "single crystalline" refers to the radius of re-casting of copper crystalline long, more than one hundred meters or more, so the incision made power lines, signal line, But because of the length of a few meters, so there will be a line inside a copper crystal crevice, or only a crystallization slot (just met), so you can put the so-called "crystalline gap" adverse effects removed.

Japan's Furukawa PCOCC patent, so any play on the words of wire, as long as the Japanese Furukawa buy line, it can be used to advertise. Huh? This is not to say Tromba PCOCC nothing special with it? This PCOCC indeed everyone is available, as long as the money and buy Furukawa patented material can be, but Tromba own "special recipe." Compass lines printed on the body "/ Pure Silver PCOCC" indication, display in its own internal differences. Generally, warm sound performance of thick copper wire, silver wire is even more beautiful in the high-frequency, Tromba a "mix and match" has a long history, and they want the advantages of copper and silver wire melting in a furnace to create more wire overall sound performance.

Each section of the processing to be the best

Copper and silver mix and match is pioneering it? No, copper and silver are good conductors of electricity lines, each slightly different physical characteristics, conduction velocity faster than copper and silver, so the wire manufacturers have long know these two materials are mixed, creating a unique sound , so to say Compass a "mix and match" does nothing creative yet? Creative indeed less to say, but Tromba does have new tricks, they start from the structure, designed to re-examine the basis of copper and silver mix and match to create new designs of Compass. Where new? Mix and match is not new, new production methods! That was the original design engineer William talking about, I know Tromba gourd sell what medicine.

Silver and copper to make "mash" twisted effort this road is not free, Compass shares 10 using a 6-core 0.16mm PCOCC, mash 0.4mm sterling silver wire, William said that such a structure is not new, but most people only know one I do not know Second, take two strands of wire twisted together, did not like the braid, cross twisted together like, rely on professional reel machines, the focus here, since it is twisted by machine, then easing tightness can be set, generally in order to save material, "density" will be twisted when set relatively loose, William said that this material can be saved, especially expensive sterling silver wire, the density is set too loose, you can save more than half of the materials used, and the processing (twisted) faster, reduce costs a lot, but this is not the material benefits can be brought to the sound, at best, but the effect of publicity only. Wiliam said Compass Wire revisit each processing step, his design goal is to simplify the processing steps as possible, but to do our best each section are processed.

Design philosophy, "subtraction" of

Reason seems clear, Compass looks appearance is not impressive, it's worth it to even a bit plain, but the original intention was not "addition" design, but "subtraction" design, but each section processes are To be the best. Take copper and silver wire twisted around, William said his set was wrapped around the stranding machines to the highest density of not only much slower processing speed, peripheral silver wire material more, through the use of high-density material , to improve the purity of the sound signal cable. "Subtraction" design also includes what? Shield using PE layer Mylar foil, copper mesh isolation, these are the basic cable design, but the PE layer Tromba using purer material selection, and compliance with EU RoHS standards. Alas, gray and black PE layer does not look to others about the same? I am writing to say how it is not the same with others? Sorry, PE layer of material produced to make itself the average density, the processing speed is slower than that, but most people could see how?

Tromba is really an honest wire plant, and if people say their lines how to sell more expensive, these "good material" how to convince consumers? But the most important thing in the wire "structure" and "materials", from the structure of how to do electrical principles of truth comes, the materials used are industrial processes of stress, these two conditions together and wire look pretty, crude not stout does not matter, the truth can not be viewed from the outside, but the basic principles of physics from the electrical point of view. William and I talked for an afternoon, to understand his intentions Compass design, but I also know that the average consumer is not easy to convince all of a sudden. For example, vegetable weighing two pounds and vegetable market to sell, but to organic stores, the same scale in pounds and ounces, but it may be worth up three to five times, how to grow vegetables like carrots, so much the price difference? Sorry, content is not the same, the price is not the same, I know some people are willing to spend for cultivation expensive price to buy organic vegetables, but some people do not believe how kind, rather measured by the price.

Compass wrote these designs on the equilibrium line, in fact, difficult to see Compass Tell me design is not complex types, but "back to basics", removing unnecessary additional design, the cost spent on the most crucial point, the intentions of the details to be the best, the truth like organic vegetables, to organic, chemical fertilizers can not be applied, only use natural fertilizers, it is easy to grow vegetables insects, or to catch industrious insects, worms or to peaceful coexistence and vegetables, vegetables ugly little to ensure that certificates will not have pesticide residues.


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