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TROMBA Devil’s Compass Silver composite interconnect RCA cable

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Type 1 M


TROMBA Devil's Compass Silver composite cable 1 meter/1 pair 

Silver composite cable 
Material: sterling silver wire center conductor, covered by a single-crystal copper 
Connector: TROMBA 100% non-magnetic gold RCA connectors no sense 
Length: 1 m 
Wire : 8mm

      Silver + single crystal OFC

Although the focus of fever wire sound performance, but if we can take into account the visual appearance, the effect will certainly be a plus, it Tromba also noted the outermost surface of the black body lines with a touch of bright pink gloss looks than pure black skin more texture. Soft line body surface printed with the words "Pure Silver / PCOCC", the representatives of this internal conductor wire Compass PCOCC single crystal copper and silver two wire twisted together. Were an 0.4mm sterling silver wire, and 6 share 10 single crystal copper core of 0.16mm. The Mandolin is all done using single crystal copper conductor, now you should understand why the Compass higher prices with Mandolin, looks pretty much the same, just the cost of pure silver conductors increases a lot.

Mining entire line balancing architecture design, which is both positive and negative-strand wire is to use the same conductor, diameter, insulation, shielding are exactly the same, which is the approach adopted by the majority of cable. As the outer shield conductor, the first conductor PE wrap layer is again Mylar foil, copper mesh isolation, can be seen in the final black PE outer layer which is at Tromba own design, the materials used are in accordance EU's RoHS standards, are environmentally less harm the human body.


Excellent high frequency performance

Since it is Mandolin successor, Compass audition when he Mandolin as a reference to the wire, the system used for the Playback Designs MPS-3 CD discs, Jade 3028 mini-amplifier and AE Compact-1 bookshelf speakers. Compass performance in high frequency significantly higher than excellent, piano or stringed instruments are full of glossy, IF vocals lot of detail, as Mandolin kind of neutral and gentle sound base Compass is also preserved! While the high frequency extending upward, but also hear solid sense of low frequency. For example, Mutter playing "Carmen Fantasy" album, the force of violin bowing changes delicate presentation, open string with a thickness not dry, pull-outs considerable penetration into the treble when they do not feel harsh, and the violin body is quite clear When the scene is quite open and orchestra ensemble nature.

Keep both mellow texture

Then listen to this TAS 2009 hits, 6th track, "Miami Beach Rumba" particles and percussion piano gloss clearer, the accompaniment of cymbals, drums sound crisp start to the extension, although the protagonist is in front of the piano, but but does not ignore the details behind the drums performances. 12th track from the Geller Guy ‧ Bojia Ni played "Chopin: Nocturne No. 9 in B flat major works," melodious soft glowing elegant piano gloss, bass gently lay behind the overall layering is very good, gentle and smooth tunes, while listening to calm down the mind also followed. Another example, Chen "Memory Pictures' piano album, one of the first" Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.2, "while listening to the Mandolin, you can feel the strength of the force between the fingertip circulation changes in key rounded solid particles, the addition of a little change after a gorgeous sense of Compass, keys particles depicted more clearly, this is an advantage in the high-frequency part of the Compass, and also retain the original mellow texture.

Finally, listen to the vocal performance, such as Jessye Norman ‧ Jessie Norman's "Sacred Songs" sacred music recital, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Ambrosian Singers choir choral sacred music albums, although the feelings on this system does not ‧ Jessie Norman to the huge stature, but when the mouth is quite clear singing voice sounding density is good, when they sing the treble Jessie Norman ‧ show a strong penetration of energy, and clean and deep musical background, it is easy to focus attention on Jessie ‧ Norman singing, impressive!

Mandolin neutral and gentle pleasure and Naiting sound characteristics, and on this basis, Compass has added a high frequency of elegant texture somewhat, silver conductor naturally contributed, but the price is too expensive to follow a few thousand dollars. Players want more Hua Liqing brightest high frequency can be selected Compass, especially if you do not want to emphasize the high-frequency or high-frequency sound system at home has been very prominent part of the players, may wish to budget savings, Mandolin to meet you very much!



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