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TROMBA Tambor-15 OFC Finland’s copper top power cord

Original Price $125.5

Member $125.5

Type 1.5M

TROMBA Tambor-15 OFC copper Finland's top power cord

Diameter: 13mm
Length: 1.5 m
Wire internal material: High purity oxygen-free copper
Male plug: The MARINCO medical grade products
Female Plug: Use imported from Germany SCHURTER


Tambor-1 gray rind texture gives the impression of a high omitted isolation net unnecessary packaging, all the focus on the necessary measures are concentrated conductorstructure, shielding and other joints.

Tambor-1 conductor diameter of UC-OFC 12AWG high-purity oxygen-free copper, then through multiple twisted aluminum Mylar shield air radio interference noise barrier, and finally PVC insulation. Marinco male plug using medical grade products, female plug is produced in Switzerland Schurter, all have a certain level of heat shrink tubing throughproperly wrapped after completion of the quite good. Solid material Tambor-1 power cord is soft, very convenient in use, I believe we can bring the bonus effect of your equipment.