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TROMBA CYPHER-OCC USB digital signal cable

When designing the Tromba CYPHER-OCC USB digital signal cable, we jumped out of the traditional thinking logic. We not only have to design a digital signal cable that conforms to the USB specification, but more importantly, we design the cable from true Hi-Fi thinking. Let the performance of CYPHER-OCC USB cable far exceed the technical specifications of standard USB.

Yes! This is a 100% digital cable, but we continue to test repeatedly and continuously improve the technical specifications through our unique design, making this digital cable not only a digital cable, but also truly capable of HI-Fi. The design that breaks the norm allows us to challenge all the USB cables on the market. CYPHER-OCC USB is a Hi-End cable designed for Hi-End audio. Its performance and specifications are high enough to serve as a model for other manufacturers.

● 2 strands of multi-core PC-OCC conductors are independently shielded and twisted, and the appearance is covered with the military grade "foamed PE air dielectric". The exclusive formula foamed PE is imported from Japan to ensure its consistency and superior non-conductivity.
More importantly, the unique PE formula has uniform characteristics, so the density of the outer layer of the batch not only meets the design specifications, but also maintains a consistent uniformity.
In terms of sound, the foam dielectric and our "tight pitch design" enhance the robustness of music signal transmission, and the performance is far better than other Hi-End USB cables on the market.

● Use 28-gauge high-performance conductor to ensure the best USB transmission performance
● After USB LAB testing, the specification data is far higher than all established USB standard specifications
● Hot-swappable
● The outer layer of Tromba-Flex wire has extremely high elasticity and impact resistance
● Gold-plated contacts can achieve the highest conductivity and minimize information loss
● 100% Foil A+ braided shield, in line with the highest level of specification to isolate EMI/RFI interference
● Impedance paired twisted-pair winding structure can minimize crosstalk and ensure high-speed and error-free signal transmission
● Molded buckle and PVC, make the wire durable for life and signal transmission error-free
● Mold-casting includes shielding to prevent radio wave and electromagnetic wave interference (EMI/RFI), and outer shielding can eliminate antenna effect
● The large wire diameter structure (7.0 mm) effectively protects the inner conductor of the wire from external impact damage, such as speakers, amplifiers or other heavy objects accidentally pressing the wire. Excessive accidental impact and compression of the wire will affect the signal transmission rate.